Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

The one hurdle we are guaranteed to face, the interview! Whether it be 5 rounds of intensive personality tests and tricky questions, or an ‘informal chat’ – what are the do’s and don’ts when prepping for an interview?

Let’s start with what not to do – 

During an interview, you can’t, for example, ‘claim’ you’re detail-oriented. Instead, you have to show that you are. Do this by highlighting your capability and discussing accomplishments. – It’s the same with modelling tests, stating you are highly skilled when building or manipulating models isn’t enough, refer to your CV  build upon your previous experience and show off your talents.

Don’t go it alone! One fateful mistake candidates can make is not enlisting the help of a trusted family member, friend or even a colleague. Feedback is key, whether it is body language, how to hone your habits or your approach to answering certain questions, get help!
– One step further, lean on your recruitment consultant, it’s why we are here and it’s what we do! No issue is too small, and we have the skills to set you on the right path. Remember we know the clients!

Now, what should we be doing? 

Reread your CV and application. Hopefully, you are tailoring your CV to each role, (and if you aren’t you need to start) Be detail-driven, what did you touch on in your cover letter? What experience was highlighted or given a push in your CV? What does that employer want to see? – Reread the job description, what have they asked for and are you delivering on that?

Research the company, this may seem obvious but it is nonetheless crucial. Many hiring managers like to ask about what drew a candidate to the business, what products or services do they provide externally to the job role you are applying for?
– Read the mission statement, look at the culture and diversity of the business. Use the tools at your disposal, go on over to their Social Media and see what you can find there; most noteworthy recent achievements and newsworthy events can be found here. 

Moreover, Read the news – Be it EGI, Property Week, React News, etc – Know the wider market (what are their primary/secondary/tertiary yields) – Who has left or joined the company recently? What deals or transactions have hit the news? 

Who is interviewing you?

If you know who is heading up the interview process then learn a bit about them, look at their professional history and align your interview technique with their preferences, find common ground and above all build a rapport. 

Identify key moments of your career, and quantify the details depending on the nature of the role. Sometimes numbers really do speak louder than words. Show your accomplishments, this may take a bit of research and time investment at first, make sure your figures are accurate and inviting to the interviewer.

To recap, all interview processes will differ and with that, they present new challenges.To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin ‘Fail to prepare, and you prepare to fail’, so do your homework, and sell your skills, how can you benefit this company? Why do they want you?